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    Creative Chinese Vendors Selling Snowmen for Car Roofs

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    by Geo Beats

    Residents in Chengdu City, China are selling snowmen to tourists.

    Building a snowman is one of the very few forms of fun when it comes to the aftermath of snowstorms. Residents in Chengdu City, China have decided to use that hobby to make a little extra cash.

    Locals are building snowmen for tourists. The handcrafted snow sculptures are made for car rooftops.

    Basically the residents are setting up makeshift work stations on the side of the road. They build the snowmen right on those tables.

    Once a tourist buys one, the snowman is intricately installed right on top of their vehicle’s roof. Each snowman comes with the typical accessories and attire, likes scarves, hats and buttons.

    It seems as though the business venture is quite successful. Photos taken in the area depict the streets filled with snowman accentuated cars.

    The price for each snowman ranges from anywhere between $3 and $5 depending on how elaborate the snow creation is.

    What do you think of the cartop snowman idea, crazy or pretty cool?