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    Healthy British woman seeks surgery to paralyze her legs


    by PressTV

    For most people, being told they need a wheelchair would be their worst nightmare. But for one British woman, it's a dream come true.

    Ever since she was a little girl, Chloe Jennings-White dreamed about becoming paralyzed below the waist. As a child, she'd climb trees and play risky sports in a deliberate attempt to hurt herself, but all of her attempts were unsuccessful. And all that, because she suffers from a condition called Body Integrity Identity Disorder-- a rare psychological disorder which means she desperately wants to be paraplegic. Nowadays, 57-year-old Chloe spends her days confined to a wheelchair, only pretending to be paralyzed. However, she's able to walk perfectly and still takes part in extreme sports like skiing. Perhaps most shocking of all, she's even sought a surgeon who'd be willing to paralyze her forever. But for now she doesn't have the money to do so, as the surgery will cost her around 25-thousand dollars.