Rest In Peace WhatsApp (2009-2014)

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*RIP WhatsApp*



WhatsApp is gone because of Facebook..., and it will never be the same again. Let us all mourn together. Rest In Peace. We are very sad.


A big blue F you Zuckerberg
You did it once again
Paid billions just to make this work
And took away our friend

It's hard to say but now it's gone
My WhatsApp is deleted
There is just no Emoticon
For how much you were needed

My fellow users 'round the world
Come gather round and worry
I stand here crying like a girl
And they're not even sorry

We've gone through all of this before
The same sad kind of scam
I sometimes open the AppStore
And cry for Instagram

Long story short, I'm standing here
To say you my goodbyes
And honestly my greatest fear
Is that Snapchat also dies.


Say Good-Bye To WhatsApp on:


Idea by: Felix CopyCat & Marius CopyCat
Music: Green Pastures Phuong Medley


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