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    McDonald's Worker Fired After Paying for Firefighters' Meals

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    23-year-old Heather Levia claims she lost her job as a McDonald's manager following a kindhearted act.

    No good deed goes unpunished. That old phrase rings very true for 23-year-old Heather Levia, who claims she lost her job following a kindhearted act.

    She was employed as a McDonald’s manager in Olean, New York. On a recent morning, she had been working when crews from several fire departments walked into the restaurant.

    As a token of appreciation for what they go through everyday, Levia spent $83 of her own money to pay for the firefighters’ order of 25 breakfast sandwiches and hash browns.

    A short time later on the same day, another fire department ordered about $70 worth of food. Levia texted her boss, asking if the company would pay for their meals. The reply was no, so Levia called the corporate office and tried her luck there. Again the answer was no.

    Levia and her co-workers pooled their money and paid for that second order out of pocket. Firefighters later complained to her boss that Levia might have felt obligated by the company to pay for their meals.

    Levia claims her boss blamed everything on her. On her next shift, she was fired. McDonald’s authorities alleged the reasoning behind the termination was because she used foul language towards a manager, a claim she denies.

    Since the story circulated, Levia has received numerous job offers.