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    Sixth person dies in Venezuelan unrest

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Tensions have risen in Venezuela since a protest leader surrendered to troops on Tuesday.

    Supporters of Leopoldo Lopez called for his release outside a court where he was being held. The government accuses him of inciting violence during demonstrations against President Nicolas Maduro

    Protesters like Eduardo from Caracas said they were tired of the government and all the corruption and intended to fight until Lopez is freed.

    Six people have now died in the political unrest including a local beauty queen who was shot during one of the demonstrations.

    “Lopez deserves our support” said another protester. “Has he committed a crime? His only crime is protesting for a better Venezuela. How can it be that an opposition leader is sent to jail just for organising a protest?”

    Until his arrest, Lopez had galvanised the campaign against Maduro. Critics want the president to quit over issues such as rampant inflation.