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    Foreign-backed militants vandalize holy shrine in Daraya


    by PressTV

    Just eight kilometer away from the capital Damascus, the town of Daraya gives you the real picture of vandalism perpetrated by foreign-backed insurgents. For over two years, battles never stopped there. Press TV’s team entered there to shed more light on the area which hosts one of the most important religious monuments in Syria that was also the target of militant attacks.
    This is the shrine of Sayeda Sukayna here in Daraya in Damascus countryside. The Syrian army is in full control of the shrine. Nevertheless, foreign backed militants, according to the Syrian army, set large numbers of explosives inside the shrine which led to huge destruction. The monument has almost completely fallen apart. Before the unrest, this gate used to receive thousands of pilgrims who come to visit the shrine of Prophet Muhammad’s granddaughter. The Syrian army forced the militants out of the area several months ago. However, it is still the target of militants and is under the range of their sniper guns which makes the vicinity of the shrine a highly dangerous one. Militants turned the once heavily populated town into a battlefield using resident’s homes as dens for fighting the Syrian army. Thus, thousands were displaced. This is a school used by the militants before. Fearsome calm now prevails as the town looks as if it is entirely haunted. Most of Daraya is now under the Syrian army’s control including its main landmarks such as the municipality building, the firefighting station, the police department and the post office. Militants have so far refused reconciliation efforts that mean Daraya would continue to face destruction and vendalism.