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    Euronews Kyiv correspondent: 'They say they are not going to provoke the police... but they know how to protect themselves'

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    After a night of petrol bombs and gunfire on Independence
    Square, our correspondent in Ukraine, Maria Korenyuk, explained what has been happening on Wednesday.

    “Here and there, you can hear stun grenades exploding. They are being thrown from both sides – protesters and police,” she said.

    “Overall, more people are arriving at Independence Square. They are coming from all parts of Ukraine. Right here, there are mobile soup kitchens and medical help centres. Injured people receive treatment, their wounds are bandaged, they get painkillers.

    “To sum up, protesters are expecting a new wave of violence late in the evening. They say they are not going to provoke the police but they know how to protect themselves, too. They have Molotov cocktails ready and stones removed from the pavement in Independence Square.”