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    Asin In Love With Micromax Director Rahul Sharma ?

    Moviez Adda

    by Moviez Adda

    We are not in any relationship, we are just friends. Isn't that a common expression that we hear from the Bollywood stars in and around? Well, it is nothing new to our ears. So coming as one of the hottest gossips that dawns B-town this time is none other than south siren, Asin and her proximity with Micromax executive director, Rahul Sharma.
    If reports are to be believed, they met through a common friend about 10 months ago and Rahul was also one of the guests at Asin's birthday party that was held recently. Now, will you call it a hang out, just friends, or a simple bond? Well, only time shall decide that. But till then, post your comments and let us know what do you feel about this link-up? Is it a fluke or romance is in the air?
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