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    Ken's Krotch: The next deadly global pandemic

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    It's a race against time as doctors from around the globe rush to find a cure for a new deadly, disfiguring disease, referred to as Ken's Krotch, that is affecting world leaders and celebrities across the planet.

    Some of the greatest medical minds around the world have assembled in Geneva, Switzerland at the World Health Organization headquarters in hopes that they can develop a cure. If not, the world's politicians and celebrities could be at serious risk of being wiped out of existence. Governments from every country have been pouring money into the WHO in hopes that a solution can be found quickly.

    However, early reports paint a grim picture as they show that Ken's Krotch is running rampant among crazy politicians and famous people in Hollywood. One piece of good news is that the disease appears to only affect politicians, actors and celebrities. There have been no reported cases of Ken's Krotch among everyday average citizens. That's why doctors are looking to cure it now before it has a chance to mutate and infect the rest of the population.

    Researchers at the WHO have so far identified four visible stages to Ken's Krotch. The 1st stage of Ken's Krotch is excessively itchy crotch. The itchy sensation is constantly felt and increases in intensity throughout the day. The 2nd stage involves spontaneously combusting genitalia. The 3rd stage sets in when the infected go on a Ken doll shopping spree.

    The final stage involves full on development of a mangina. If you know of anyone displaying these symptoms please contact your nearest WHO office. Help contain Ken's Krotch!


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