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    Youtube pot growing video help police track down man

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    William Bradley, from Clinton, Connecticut, posted a video on YouTube showing his vast pot garden and asking people to donate money for him to give his extra weed away.

    Bradley claimed he has terminal cancer and doctor stopped his marijuana treatment. He says in the video that he uses marijuana to relieve his cancer symptoms. Moreover, he says "God has gifted me with an abundance and it's more than I need, so I want to take the extra and give it to people who need help". He doesn't want to sell it, but said he needs financial support to give away the pot growing in his "Hope Garden". Bradley provided his full name and P.O. box address in the video, which Clinton police used to track him down.

    Police found his storage unit near his home and seized his drug stash and more than $1,000 cash. Now the 46-year-old faces a litany of charges that include possession of narcotics with intent to sell and operating a drug factory.


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