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    Bulldozer death: Pregnant woman runover and killed in Brooklyn parking lot

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    A woman who was nine months pregnant was struck and killed by a bulldozer at a shopping center in Brooklyn on Thursday.

    The incident happened at 10:45 a.m. when the 36-year-old victim, Min Lin, and her husband were finishing shopping at Fei Long Market in Brooklyn's Sunset Park and loading groceries into their car, when, according to the New York Post, the store's owner was using a Bobcat S250 to plow snow in the parking lot.

    The store owner first struck Lin while backing up the machine. Then he rolled over her body. Lin went into a cardiac arrest and was immediately sent to the Maimonides Medical Center by paramedics, but she was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

    The New York Times reported that doctors sprung into action to save the baby by performing cesarean section in the emergency room. The procedure took less than one minute and the baby boy was transferred to intensive care unit under critical condition.

    In interviews with the New York Post, residents in the neighborhood complained that the store's owner had nearly hit other people. No charges were filed against the owner, and he wasn't taken into custody.


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