Shine - Listz Hungarian Rhapsody

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par apple4b

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Because it's such a great movie, a great music... a great actor !!!!

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>wou great thing, like it
Par Spam Bot il y a 4 ans
Amazing ! You found the word !
Amazing pianist, amazing music, amazing film... and, of course, AMAZING ACTOR !!!
Par apple4b il y a 8 ans
Simply amazing! Reminds me of the sheer brilliance of this man...not that I ever need reminding!
Par The Marquis' Mistress il y a 8 ans
Oh ! Of course if you have heard this music over and over, I quite understand you can be annoyed with it !
But... Hey ! It's "Shine" and Geoff' !
Amazing, as you said !
Par apple4b il y a 8 ans
That song used to really annoy me because it was used in an insurance add that was played all the time, but seeing someone play it, and in particular that someone being the fabulous Geoffrey Rush just makes me see that piece in a whole new light. He must've worked so hard at getting that pieces right; it definitely payed off, though. Amazing!
Par Ali-Babble il y a 8 ans
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