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Classic Game Room - NINTENDO 3DS XL Console review


by ClassicGameRoom

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The 3ds XL is amazing, i used to have a 3ds and not believe how better the XL was but....

I tried the XL and MAN the D-PAD feels GOOOOOOOOD it feels "mechanical" more than the analog one that the normal 3ds has, i mean it has that "clicky" feel which the gameboy had which was so cool.

I can't imagine playing pokemon with a d-pad that's not clicky it would feel bland like an emulator.
By PokemonOnline Last year
THis is the pursuit of perfection.
By someguy45 Last year
Doesn't the 3DS have a user-replaceable battery? Its not hard-wired to the unit unlike most tablets/IPhones.
By megacide84 Last year
what is the name of that game at 2:59
By duo Last year
Best handheld console ever!
By Abergaz punk Last year