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    How to Cheat Flappy Bird | Flappy Bird Best Score

    Download Flappy Bird Cheats

    Flappy Bird is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about games of the year! We know how frustrating it is each time you lose at an important stage. Want to show off to your friends with a huge high score? This cheat will provide you with unlimited lives, allowing you to continue from where you left off - without losing all your points! Most of all, it is VERY simple to do, and it works on all mobile devices. We've even managed to enter the Flappy Bird high score list thanks to this exploit/cheat!

    Flappy Bird is an endless running game where players get to control a bird by tapping on the screen. Tapping will cause your bird to fly up, and not doing anything will make him fly down. Players must navigate through pipes that have gaps in them while keeping flight in control. Touching any area of the pipe as well as falling on the pipe will end the round and the main focus of the game is to pass through as may pipes as possible, which would determine your score.

    Get Flappy Bird Hack

    Flappy Bird Unlimited Lives – provides you an infinite set of lives.
    Unlock All Medals – unblocks all the achievements and lets you access all the difficulties.
    Compatible operating systems: Android, Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)
    Anti-Ban Protection: Yes.
    Undetectable Script: Yes.
    Tested on various devices for multiple times and works flawlessly.

    1 - Download Flappy Bird Cheats by Clicking the "Download Now" button.
    2 - Extract the archive and read the full information provided in the .txt file.
    3 - Copy the files in the game’s folder by using the phone’s default data transfer cable.
    4 - Once you have completed the above step, the cheat will be activated. You may now open Flappy Bird and begin playing. Each time you lose, you will simply return back to the same position and you will be able to continue from the same points you had before losing.

    That’s it! Enjoy using our Flappy Bird Cheats.
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