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    Reiki Marketing Using Business Cards


    by reikizach

    This Reiki Marketing Video is but an excerpt from one of the many chapters of the Reiki Marketing Manual. It is a Goldmine of information - Practitioners have built their entire Reiki Practice using just one of these techniques... just one! Imagine if they used two or three!!!

    Reiki Business Cards are the subject of this video - Enjoy it!

    Most Reiki Classes cover "How to do a Reiki Session", along with other Technique Oriented subjects... but very few - if any, will tell you dozens of different ways to Attract Clients for your Reiki Healing Sessions and Reiki Classes and Reiki Workshops. This Manual has dozens of examples on how to Attract More Reiki Clients, and More Reiki Students for your Reiki Classes/Workshops. This is what has been missing in most Reiki classes for YEARS!