Serial Robber in Virginia Asking Women to Remove Clothing

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A serial thief in Virginia is targeting women and during robbery, asks them to remove clothing.

In addition to the helplessness, robbery victims often feel some form of humiliation. A serial thief in Virginia is targeting women. According to a victim, the suspect ordered her to remove her clothing.

"This 21-year-old who doesn't want to be identified said she was coming from work when a man greeted with her a gun and then told her to strip down."

He told her to take off her coat followed by her top.

The robber then demanded she turn around. He held the gun to the back of the woman’s head and ordered her to remove her pants. Panicked, the female took a huge chance and ran away as fast as she could. Fortunately she was successfully able to get away.

Later on the very same day and only a couple of miles away, another woman was targeted. She had been unloading groceries. That victim screamed, which caused to robber to flee.

Two other woman have reported similar incidents in the area.

"Police believe the suspect struck here twice this month on the 14th and the 9th. They see he typically pulls out a firewarm and then asks for a wallet."

Police suspect the same man is behind all four crimes. He is described as a 20 something, light skinned black male, who stands about 5 feet 8 inches tall.


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