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    Soccer Game Delayed Because of a Rooster

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    In the midst of a recent Israeli league soccer match, a rooster wandered onto the field, resulting in some unexpected comedy.

    A person attending a sporting event expects to see a game played, but every now and then, the unexpected bonus of a comedy act ends up getting thrown into the mix.

    Such was the case at a recent Israeli league soccer match.

    In the midst of a close competition, a rooster wandered onto the field.

    The bird had been released by one of the team’s fans, and to make sure that fact wasn’t lost on anybody, telltale colored ribbons had been attached to its ankles.

    Security took to the field to get rid of the bird so the match could resume, but ended up becoming the unwitting stars of a different kind of entertainment event.

    Try though they did to catch it, that rooster had some serious moves.

    It managed to evade the grasp of its captors, outwitting them at every turn.

    In addition to being nimble, the bird had a great sense of comedic timing.

    After he’d been chased around a bit, he zigged then zagged and caused the men to slip and fall to the ground and the crowd to erupt in laughter.