House of Pain - Back from the dead


par Milton77

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This is the remake (actually I don't know if an original clip exist) of the video clip of "Back from the dead" by House of pain (2nd album : Same as it ever was).

We wanted to make this video on this song cause we thought the music is still fresh. This is a tribute to House of Pain who is mostly known for his tube "Jump Around".

4 commentaires

Mortel! que du bon old school!
Par brigitte gendre Il y a 6 ans
goood song.. shit video though lol
Par Rio Owen Il y a 7 ans
same as it ever was,ca c'est un album. runni'n up on ya!
Par GreenBrigadeFC14 Il y a 7 ans
il est l'heure d'aller se coucher maintenant..