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    UK and Scotland independence


    by PressTV

    In this edition of the show: British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that Scottish independence will jeopardize UK’s stability and damage its international reputation.

    Cameron delivered speech in front of an audience at the Olympic Park in London, saying he "could not bear" to see Britain torn apart if Scots voted to leave in the referendum scheduled for the upcoming September.

    Meanwhile, Scotland's Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon dismissed Cameron’s speech, saying the premier does not have the courage to make his speech in Scotland in the presence of pro-independence groups.

    A recent ICM poll revealed that support for Scottish independence has risen by 5 percent to 37 percent from 32 percent recorded in September 2013.

    Human rights: Britain has banned controversial French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala from entering the UK. This came after the performer announced plans to support his British friend, Nicolas Anelka, who had performed an allegedly anti-Semitic gesture.

    The crushing response to the alleged anti Semitism is in stark contrast with UK leniency towards insulting Islam. Geert Wilders, Dutch fascist politician was not banned from UK for long time despite his inflammatory anti Islam activities.