Fajr International Film Festival


by PressTV

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This edition of Iran covers: 1) Fajr International Film Festival 2) Persian Carpet Designs 3) Iran's Iron Men

Every year during the Ten Day Dawn celebrations that marks the ten days prior to the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iran holds the Fajr International Film Festival. Out of numerous entries from prominent Iranian and foreign filmmakers, several movies are selected and put on screen during the event. Each of them competes in different cinematic categories. Gisoo Misha Ahmadi takes us to this year’s Fajr International Film Festival and the winners who went home with the crystal phoenix.

Iranians have been weaving carpets for ages. Some experts believe carpet weaving in Iran goes back 3500 years. In the second episode we learn about different patterns that are weaved into the Persian Carpet. It's quite interesting to know that these patterns are more diverse than what we usually think, from flowers, trees, spirals, vases, to geometric shape and panel motifs. Hoda Lezgee will tell you more.

In the last feature, Reza Nayebi introduces Akbar Gholami, one of Iranian Iron Men. He lost one of his feet from stepping on a landmine and was shot on his left shoulder during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran. Gholami has mastered many different types of sports. He has been a champion in several different fields such as power lifting for the disabled, body building, wrestling, boxing and kick boxing.