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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Episode 79, "Filli Vanilli"


    by Jonny_Manz

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    Arioch Starr
    I think I've found my least favourite episode. So Rarity is part of the Pony Tones? Why have we never heard of this before? You'd think being in a barbershop quartet as a hobby we'd hear more about it. What other secrets do you think she keeps hidden locked away in that boutique of hers? Do you think behind one of her many secret doors there's a corridor leading to the head of Lauren Faust impaled in a spike? (Ten points to whoever can guess the reference!)
    By Arioch StarrLast year
    Arioch Starr
    Ugh, we all know it's gonna be a bad episode when there's a song in the beginning. Did they hear what I heard? How can they encourage her? Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just a grumpy old man xD I also like (a) barbershop quartet. Vocal Spectrum are pretty decent. Should've hired them to sing, that'd be awesome =D Wassup with Pinkie Pie? Oh... My god, what are the chances? You reckon they had this planned from the start? Talking about "Flutterguy" fyi. lol @ Gummy gumming the turkey to death xD But, meh, that barbershop song was... alright, I guess. Nothing special, though. "Never gonna sing again" Ha! Best news I've heard all episode! Uhh... Nothing like sticking to your word, eh? Well, I was right, t'was a bad episode.
    By Arioch Starr2 years ago
    Fluttershys song makes me happy
    By Elliottkerns122 years ago
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