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    KATY PERRY: Stripper Fired for Leaked Photos

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    The Popdust Files: juicy j, katy perry, prism
    “Dark Horse” was, in our opinion, the dark horse candidate for Katy Perry’s second Prism single. That said, the track gets better with every listen, and a lot of that owes to the fantastic imagery-laden lyrics. For a radio-ready pop song, “Dark Horse” is pure poetry. We analyzed the lyrics in an attempt to clarify the song’s extended metaphor.

    I knew you were
    You were gonna come to me
    And here you are
    Katy begins with a confident declaration that she didn’t have to lift a finger to attract you. Like the moth to her flame, you were powerless in picking her up.

    But you better choose carefully
    ‘Cause I’m capable of anything
    Of anything and everything
    You know those super hot girls that end up being two scoops of crazy? Katy is admitting to being one of those girls. And that self-awareness makes her even hotter. You both know she’s bad news, but do either of you care?

    Make me your Aphrodite
    Make me your one and only
    Don’t make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy
    Now, we don’t want to get our panties in a bunch with regards to proper mythology, but Aphrodite—the Goddess of Love—is rarely held down by one partner. Still, you gotta hand it to Katy for having the balls to demand monogamy right off the bat.

    So you wanna play with magic
    Boy, you should know whatcha falling for
    Baby do you dare to do this
    Cause I’m coming atcha like a dark horse
    A “dark horse” is a competitor who succeeds despite being an unknown. Katy’s brand of crazy is a quiet crazy, which makes it all the more surprising and intense. You didn’t see it coming, but now that you do, you’ll never want to look away.

    Are you ready for, ready for
    A perfect storm, perfect storm
    Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine
    There’s no going back
    Like at the “Hotel California,” you can enter Katy’s heart any time you like, but you can never leave. Once you get with her, you sign a love contract with no end date.

    Mark my words
    This love will make you levitate
    Like a bird
    Like a bird without a cage
    But down to earth
    If you choose to walk away, don’t walk away
    At this point, you’re probably pretty well spooked by the fine line of this proposal. Katy takes this opportunity to seduce you. Hard. There is no love like her love; amidst the aforementioned constraints that come with this bond, she will somehow manages to make you feel free. That sort of promise is hard to “walk away” from.

    It’s in the palm of your hand now baby
    It’s a yes or no, no maybe
    So just be sure before you give it up to me
    Up to me, give it up to me
    If this guy thinks he has time to sit on this offer, he’s dead wrong. There is no gray area in this scenario. It’s yay or neigh. (Thank you, thank you.)
    Before we get to Juicy J’s rap, let’s recap. You know how dangerous Katy is. You know that once you get with her, you’re powerless. But, you know that she’ll lift you up higher than you’ve ever been…
    It’s a metaphor for drugs.
    Tell Katy that shes a Fucking Pig and if I don't know what to do for the other 3-marriage/sex/children then now the one I nearly chose over Katy has decided that because that pig face bitch Katy has made such a cunt out of me in Public (she’s watched every post every complaint letter, every time I have screamed out for you, every-time you have done everything I have asked you not to like keep hugging strange men in public, sex acts in public, your Super 'sex bowl' performance, blowing me kisses in public instead of sending me a naked selfie and a list of Psychic attacks that beggar belief from a mortal enemy rather than Mary Magdalene who loves me unconditionally) well since Taylor sends me photos of you out with an Ex whilst you ignore me she'll just bloody well put herself forward to let me know T ITs 'never too late to find happiness' and she will supply just what I need and deserve. She has never forgotten that I said I would get you the Superbowl and you were to do a RiRi duet which was your 'most sought after wish in your music career to achieve' you wrote in your letter to me last June Thomas what did you chose: A Black Cock to do a public sex act with and left RiRi stranded but I'll give the whole superbowl to her next year and she looks a better prospect at acting like a woman and giving out love as well as receiving than you have proved to be it so don't take too long as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson making your mind up over the Facebook relationship I am about to adjust over to one of your 30+ KEH accounts in the vain hope that you finally see sense because I had a rebirth last night I fucking well died yet again and it was the lack of any love from you that killed me and St Francis of ASSISI was born just now and he fancies 'BLACK CUNTS'. I can't keep lying to myself that you’re worth another wank over waiting for YOU to be there for me. So have a glass of Red wine in the last chance saloon you stinking cunt of a lesbian. But you better choose carefully cause I AM capable of anything.

    She did not know I was gonna cum to her a second time I actually said NO not again for this is the 2nd time we have lived this life I said NO I am going it alone and a fair amount of telepathic persuasion was then exercised by who? Well she never gave her name after all she was only the most powerful Goddess of all time she hardly needed an introduction to GOD who knew in the end he would have been alone and would stand alone he knew she would not ask anything of him only that she was ? but my memory had been blocked by very powerful Psychiatric drugs but 'this life that we had lived before' was coming through in waves and I remembered innately; 1) Her boss would introduce me to SATAN for EARTHS final battle and as I was Alexander The Great do you think I was going to miss that challenge. 2) I remember that we would get through the courtship with me in Love with her that I knew I knew that 'ALL THAT MATTERS IN THE END WAS LOVE' but I had flashbacks of the pain this love would cause.
    The pain of starvation and not being able to afford an air ticket to cum over you in LA but I LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY and have turned down every female DIVA in the Hollywood London and New York Telephone directory for you so oi would not let you down and the Cowboy singer fucks Taylor Swift all she had to do was flutter her eyelids and he left you high and dry to face Bad Blood and you 'splash the cash' in as strip clube with the cunt and won't even talk to me about sex on Facebook all I get are orders as I work for you Katy Perry owes me $1,000,000 and you you retard have true faithful love thrown at you by the universe and you treat it as your bog paper you shit on me the one true GOD.