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    The Who - My Generation 2006

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    Pino PALLADINO is an amazing bass palyer
    By kadeo8 years ago
    vu a amneville en 2006 fabuleux extraordinaire le plus beaux des concerts et j en ai vu des stars des vrais
    By tarzan38 years ago
    vive les who trop trop trop bon groupe
    et j'ador ausi la version d'Oasis
    By edje-spear8 years ago
    momolebarjo apparently does not know a damn thing about drumming. I would suggest you listen to the Who with Kenny Jones as drummer....then you would appreciate the current drummer more. NO ONE can replicate Moon, nor should they. But Zak comes pretty damn close in his own hybridized version of Moonie's drum fills and runs. On a different topic: The Doors' drug induced psychedelia music sucked and so did that drug fiend Morrison.
    By guitarvixen9 years ago
    this guy is not worth as much as "MOON THE LOON"
    By momolebarjo9 years ago