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    Xhesika Polo - Love Wave (Chill Out Version)

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    Xhesika Polo - Love Wave (Chill Out Version)

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    Like a feather in the sky I could fly so high...
    ... When I'm around you
    Like the sun that gives warmth all inside...
    ...Now that I have found you
    Like the wind through the sea that blows my mind
    ...when I'm beside you
    ...Like sweet music in the air that grows all life
    ...I feel I have you
    ..All the times that went by, before today
    was me without you
    ..Like a treasure always found, everyday me that bounds you
    ..For fainted feelings being there there is no way
    ..Can't dare to hate you
    ..Like all the pain of the world is here to stay
    ..Baby i love you
    Like a secret kind of love full of blue skies
    That's why im for you
    Like blinding light in the dark before your eyes
    is when I see you
    A life without that kind of love a fucking lie
    I want to save you
    Living without that kind of love and I would die
    That's why I need you
    Flow through a river every night in my sleep
    And I will please you
    Like burning fires in the wild in the deep
    Now let me feel you
    A magic place that can't be touched where we would meet
    Where I could keep you
    And all the blame of the world that's mine to keep
    If I would loose you
    All time before a haunting ghost, of the past
    Was me before you
    All time before a haunting ghost wearing a mask
    Let me adore you
    Being with whom I so much love is such a blast
    Now let me love you
    Trying to be without the One Is such a task
    I want to have you