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    Lee Rigby trial: police interview with Michael Adebolajo released


    by telegraph

    Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, were found guilty of the murder of soldier Lee Rigby as he walked back to his barracks in Woolwich, southeast London, in May.

    Police have now released the interview with Michael Adebolajo recorded in the days after Lee Rigby's murder.

    Covered by a blue blanket throughout the interviews with Scotland Yard detectives, Michael Adebolajo frequently threatened to leave, denounced "jobsworths" and in places talked for well over an hour without interruption or hesitation.

    After being treated at King's College Hospital in southeast London, Adebolajo was brought before Dc Dhaval Bhatt and Dc David Field, in his first real opportunity to explain what he had done to Fusilier Rigby and why he had done it.

    What transpired was a religiously-inspired rant against western leaders and a shockingly candid recap of what he had done on May 22 in Woolwich.

    And in one of the most chilling moments in the interviews, Adebolajo calmly explained the Fusilier was killed just because he was "the soldier that was spotted first".

    The Muslim convert told officers there was a "war between the Muslims and the British people" and he was a "soldier of Allah".

    Asked what happened to Fusilier Rigby, Adebolajo calmly explained: "He was struck in the neck with a sharp implement and it was sawed until his head, you know, almost detached and may Allah forgive me if I acted in a way that is displeasing to him."

    Sources: ITN/PA

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