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    Christmas 2013: Inside a Chinese toy factory


    by telegraph

    Malcolm Moore visits the Atopp toy factory in Shantou, finding remote control helicopters and harmony

    Yang Jiandong is a Chinese Christmas elf; toys and gadgets division.

    Here in steamy South China, 6,000 miles away from your front room, the trim and sprightly 39-year-old runs one of the thousands of factories that make the iPads and Furbies, Transformer robots and LeapPads that will soon be waiting under our Christmas trees.

    This year, his favourite gadget is a remote-controlled flying battle drone from the movie Avatar.

    He giggles when, after navigating it around the showroom, it crashes into the wall. "No problem," he smiles. "These ones are hard to break".

    His company, Attop, turns out 800,000 remote-controlled helicopters a year but also makes accessories for Barbies, puzzles and Hot Wheels cars for Mattel.

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