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    Classic Game Room - SEGA MASTER SYSTEM console review


    by ClassicGameRoom

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    Redd Head
    @xdlugia Yes you do the unfortunately you have to use the pause button on the console just like you would with the sms controller
    By Redd Head2 years ago
    Do you still have to use the pause button on the console if you use the Mega Drive/Genesis controller?
    By XDLugia2 years ago
    My now Ex Best friend has a NES that he bought off a friend 4 $60 while I myself bought a SMS at my local PlayNTrade awhile back 4 $70 with 3 bundled games, 2 controllers (with those annoying joysticks 4 D-pads) & a Light Phaser. I eventually bought the 3D glasses later on which was also $70 & what sucks is that not only is it a flop but 1 of the earpieces is broken in half & could poke out eyes so I need 2 fix that. I would've gotten more games 4 the system but the store doesn't have anymore & I haven't felt like wasting my time on online auctions, can't find a flea market with them in stock or just haven't played the system lately. It's still locked away safely tho lol. I actually went 2 P.N.T yesterday & saw they now have a Genesis where the Master System used to be. I wish I had a Genesis & SNES myself along with a NES & N64. If any1 is interested come check out my channel 4 my own reviews. I also upload them & other sites so do watch there also. Happy Gaming LMAO!!!
    By DeathFlameXL2 years ago
    Nice thing about the Master System is that it's region free so you can get games from anywhere in the world without needing a converter. Only real downsides to the system is that a few games have difficulty with vertical scrolling, the button layout forces you to stay near the system for games that use the start button, and the sound isn't really the best compared to other systems (though in Japan they did have FM townes which improved the quality)
    By Wolfsite2 years ago
    Retro Gameplay
    I love the Master System. I had the NES and my friend had the MS. I liked both systems but I was starting to lean a tad to the MS because of the games. I always thought the card slot was neat and futuristic.
    By Retro Gameplay2 years ago
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