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Eero Johannes & Teki Latex — "Things That I Do" (official video)

il y a 5 ans2.9K views

Taken from SND.PE VOL.02: Crossover Series
Buy on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id790337169

Drawings & animation: Pierre Thyss
Music: Eero Johannes
Vocals: Teki Latex

Subtitles available in English, French and Japanese!

A little backstory:

On Teki's birthday this year, our friend the very talented illustrator PIERRE THYSS gave him a lovely framed drawing of Teki with his girlfriend Betty.

At the very same time we were wrapping up our album SND.PE VOL.02 and Teki had recorded this very autobiographical song about his temper and habits called "Things That I Do" with Eero Johannes.
Twenty lyrical vignettes giving a peak at his relationship with his girlfriend.
How much of these are true? Only those two know.

It was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with Pierre on a proper video, so I asked him if he'd like to do a slideshow with only hand-drawn illustrations in his own style.
He said yes and the process was very fast to say the least. All these have been produced in less than a week and my very biased opinion is that it looks fantastic.

Some people think the song is a joke, some think it's very selfish and aggressive, and some think it's too personal.
To be honest even I don't know what percentage of the lyrics is fiction and what is real.
But one thing's for sure: Pierre has captured a side of Teki people rarely see.

How long have you followed Teki's musical adventures for?
Well, there's still things you haven't heard.

This one goes out to all lovers, the couples and the single lovers.
The ones that make compromises and the one who can't.

Happy Valentine's Day!

More works by Pierre Thyss on his blog: http://pierrethyss.tumblr.com

Video directed by Pierre Thyss
Music: Eero Johannes
Vocals: Teki Latex
Exec. producer: Emile Shahidi
Japanese translation: Svet Chassol & Kenji Hamasaki
© 2014 Sound Pellegrino

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Eero Johannes & Teki Latex — "Things That I Do" (official video)
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