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    Sony MP3s Sold in Water Bottles

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    The ‘NWZ-W27′ walkman sports mp3 player by Sony has been targeted in a very unique way.

    Effective marketing should capture the target audience’s attention. When Sony was ready to launch their W series waterproof mp3 player in New Zealand, their ad agency came up with a unique idea.

    Neither sweat nor water pose a problem to the compact player, so instead of electronics stores, the ‘NWZ-W27′ walkman is being distributed direct to the public at gyms and other facilities, or more precisely, inside clear bottles of vending machine water at those places.

    Sony partnered with the Auckland office of global advertising agency DRAFTFCB to developed a campaign for the mp3 and ensure the right audience was reached.

    A spokesperson at the agency stated “we hijacked something they’ll find in every fitness centre the world over: vending machines. .. we placed the product in bottled water, something else every swimmer needs, and in doing so created the perfect product demonstration.”

    Now picking up a music player for your swim or gym workout is as simple as buying a bottle of water.

    Sony boasted the mp3 has 4GB of internal storage, inbuilt headphones and eight hours of battery life. The unique packaging will debut in New Zealand. American stores first showcased the device last year in the usual and decidedly less creative manner.