Man Locked in Police Car Writes 'pleH' on Window

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A man, indentified as 30-year-old Ruben James Turner III had tried to take a nap in an unattended police car. After getting locked inside, he carved out the word 'help' in the condensation on the window, but from the outside it read “pleH”.

When exhaustion sets in, almost any place will suffice for a nap. At approximately 8 in the morning on February 11th, a Portland officer heard loud noises coming from the Southeast Precinct’s parking lot.

After a little probing, he concluded the screams were coming from the backseat of an unattended squad car. The police officer opened up the rear door and found a male inside.

The man was indentified as 30-year-old Ruben James Turner III. According to the strange male, he discovered the vehicle unlocked and decided it would be a good place to catch up on some sleep.

Prior to locking himself inside, Turner scoured through the glove box and unplugged the Mobile Data Computer. He then settled into the backseat, otherwise known as the arrestee section of the car.

By that time, the vehicle was locked and Turner had no way of getting out on his own. After realizing he was stuck, the panicked man ripped out foam padding along the seat and headliner.

He even used his finger to trace out the word 'help' in the condensation on the window. Unfortunately from the outside it read as “pleH” or p l e H. Not that it would have helped anyway as that particular precinct is not staffed around the clock and no-one was around to help.

Turner was arrested. The squad car was removed from service and sent for repair.