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    Broncos fan beating full video! Chargers fans drunk violence

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    Broncos fans might be a surly bunch, but there might be no surlier Broncos fan than a Broncos fan from San Diego! Jason Blount was beaten nearly senseless by two Chargers fans, also from San Diego, obviously. Michael Lopati and Asolelei Tafilele have been charged with fighting drunk in public, while Blount has been charged with inciting a riot. Maybe this doesn't teach us as much about football fans as it does about San Diagoans. Don't give them alcohol or uniform clothing! Somebody is liable to act a fool or form a gang to beat other fools. But what can you do really? San Diego be crazy!

    Anyway, all this biz started after the Broncos beat the Chargers 24-17 on Sunday. The game was in Denver, so a large and rowdy crowd of Chargers fans had assembled in National City's Highland Ave for their ritual party, a tradition that dates all the way back to three weeks ago, when the unfortunate street became Chargers party central for some reason. Why would a lone Broncos fan go there to show off? One must assume he's just a jerk. Anyway, police said Jason Blount was actually not drunk, further supporting the theory that he's probably a jerk, or he wanted to commit suicide. One or the other.

    If there are any lessons to be learned here it is probably that football is just a game, and just because you see guys hitting each other on TV doesn't mean you should run out in the real world and try it yourself. For one thing, nobody is paying you to do it, which any actual NFL player knows is a clue that you shouldn't be lifting a finger.


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