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    Old Korean people take over McDonald's in Flushing, New York

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    A group of senior citizens who have made themselves comfortable at a McDonald's restaurant in Flushing, New York have caused tensions with management who feel that they are abusing restaurant privileges.

    The seniors, who are in their 70s and 80s, visit the McD's daily, buy inexpensive menu items, then linger for hours. Management say they are bad for business, buying very little and taking seats that could go to other customers. In response, a 20-minute limit on visits has been implemented, though the old folks ignore it shamelessly.

    The story, thoroughly covered in the New York Times, as well as other publications, describes the problem as not being a new one, though tensions between the seniors, many of whom come from Korea, have escalated recently. A report in the New York Daily says that one of the people in the group even threw a cup of coffee at a manager.

    The senior citizens, who congregate to chat and socialize, believe they are within their right as paying customers, as well as old people, to stay as long as they wish. Management believes otherwise and according to at least one report, the police have been notified more than once.

    Police intervention has proved ineffective as the seniors simply return after being shooed out. Assemblyman Ron Kim, of Korean descent, had attempted to broker a peace deal between the parties, though the seniors remain steadfast in their conviction.

    The Korean Community Service center in Flushing recently converted a room in their basement into a cafe with coffee on offer for a quarter, but the seniors, who admit they don't even like the food at McDonald's refuse to budge.


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