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    Was CNN reporter Randi Kaye high while covering pot story?

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    CNN's Anderson Cooper did a series of news stories about how 2 states in America, Washington and Colorado have made the recreational use of marijuana legal.

    He sent reporter Randi Kaye over to Colorado to investigate how weed has impacted the local economy. To that end, she was able to hook up with a local limousine company in Denver that now gives tours of legal weed dispensaries to those willing to part with $300 and about 4 hours of their time.

    While covering the story, Kaye visited a grow operation, two legal head shops, and probably one White Castle.

    In one scene, the riders in the limo were 'hotboxing'-- filling the car with 'endo smoke' to the point it was hard to see and breathe. When the scene cut back to the live shot with Kaye and Anderson, he had to ask, "Did you get high?"

    Her answer was, "Not directly. just kind of a contact". Hopefully she won't have drug dogs going into convulsions when she makes her return flight to New York tomorrow.


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