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    Student sex: teacher busted for affair with boy, but then finds religion

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    Meet Alicia Gray, a former high school teacher from just outside of Mobile Alabama. She's on camera here apologising and making peace with the Lord. Why you ask? Well let's just say she used to give lessons in biology for bonus points.

    Mrs Gray had the hots for one boy in her class, and it seems she wanted to teach him more than the state-approved curriculum. She engaged in extracurricular activities at least 5 times, in fact.

    But she apparently flunked out of "avoiding statutory rape" class.

    It's all good, though because apparently it's allowed her to find Jesus. Her pastor, Mark Wyatt decided to help guide her to the light and find her faith again. With his help, she released an apology on YouTube earlier today.

    Of course, we have no idea how the boy feels caught up in all this since he's a minor and will remain unnamed. Hopefully he is also following some sort of path of healing as well.

    As for Gray, she'll be in the clink for 6 months, and then will have several years of probation.


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