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    A sumo wrestler's privates nearly exposed while his belt was untied by rival

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    Japanese sumo wrestler Sadanofuji nearly exposed his privates in the ring on Wednesday, the fourth day of the January Grand Sumo Tournament.

    Sadanofuji was wrestling furiously against his opponent Tokitenku when his belt came loose while Tokitenku was grabbing his bottom with both hands, thus nearly exposing Sadanofuji's privates.

    When the belt came loose the first time, the referee stopped the competition and rushed to retie it. But the belt came untied again shortly after competition resumed.

    The second time it happened, the judge sitting outside the ring couldn't stand it any more and asked another sumo wrestler, Yoshikaze, to help. But the referee declined Yoshikaze's offer of assistance and retied the belt again himself.

    Tokitenku defeated Sadanofuji by forcing him out of the ring to end the nearly two-minute closely fought contest. The MVP, however, wasn't Tokitenku, but the referee who preserved Sadanofuji's dignity.


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