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    Chinese woman cons would-be sex attacker, slaps him 300 times

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    Mr. Zhang (張) and Ms. Gao (高) had dinner at a local restaurant.
    After dinner Zhang suggested that as it was late they should stay at a hotel. Gao agreed, but said it they should get separate rooms and Zhang acquiesced to her wishes.

    However when they arrived at the hotel, Zhang asked for only one room. At the same time, he promised Gao that he wouldn't try any funny business. However Zhang fondled Gao's butt as soon as they entered the room so Gao immediately left.

    Zhang chased down Gao and promised her that he wouldn't try it again. Gao agreed to go back to the hotel with him. However Zhang was persistent and would not let his prey get away.

    Meanwhile, Gao came up with an idea. She told Zhang that if he really liked her, he should let her slap his face. So Gao proceeded to slap Zhang around 300 times. Well, Zhang really seemed to enjoy being slapped by his 'goddess'.

    When he went to the bathroom, Gao reported him to the police and tried to escape. However the bitchslapped pervert came back into the room and ripped her pants off. Fortunately the police arrived just in time and arrested Zhang.

    Maybe Zhang should've just let Gao slap him some more to release her anger. He would've enjoyed it anyway.


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