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    Four bomb disposal officers killed by Pakistan roadside blast

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    Originally published on December 17, 2013

    A roadside explosive killed four bomb disposal unit (BDU) officers en route to a village in northern Pakistan on Monday (December 16).

    The bomb struck the officers' vehicle in the Badhabar region south of Peshawar while they were traveling to investigate the site of an explosion that took place earlier that morning.

    The explosive was remotely set of as the officers drove by. Three officers were killed on site while another succumbed to injuries at the hospital. A civilian passerby was also critically injured. Among the officers killed in the explosion was inspector Abdul Haq, 43, who had defused more than 60 bombs in his career.

    The remote control used to set off the bomb was found 15 metres away from the site of explosion.

    "It is a great loss but our morale is high and BDU will continue its duty in the on-going war on terror," BDU Assistant Inspector General Shafqat Malik said in an Express Tribune report.

    "More than 10 officers of BDU have lost their lives while serving their motherland," Malik said. The province only had 34 trained bomb disposal officers to cover all 25 of its districts.

    Pro-Taliban insurgent groups have been launching attacks targeting both security personnel and civilians in the Peshawar area.


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