Danny : 2001: Full Length Malayalam Movie

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The film is about Daniel Thomson, a saxophone player who is a mute witness to many of the historical happenings taking place around in the world. The film traces the life of this character up to his seventy third year and comments upon many things that may have social and political relevance. Danny as he is known, was born on the day of the Dandi Salt March. His wife leaves him on the day the first Communist Government of Kerala loses power. Danny’s love, disappointments, triumphs everything coincides with historical events. Danny dons many roles in life. He sings in the church. Then he becomes a saxophone player. He marry Margaret, daughter of a rich man named Chavero when the old man ask him to save the honor of their family. Margaret is pregnant and her lover has passed away. But with the passage of time, Danny is abandoned by all and he finds himself destined to lead a desolate existence. He ends up in a hospital. And it is here that he meets Bhargavi Amma, a retired professor, who is also desolate after the death of her daughter and after being totally isolated in life. Danny and Bhargavi Amma develop an intimacy and they travel back together from the hospital. But Danny passes away on the way. Anyhow Bhargavi Amma decides to perform the funeral rites in the Christian manner in the compound of her house, a house of orthodox Hindus. This creates certain problems, but Bhargavi Amma decides to dare all such problems.


UPDATE: high quality movie is right here jrurl.at/qrkz
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This is the only website that has a working version tinyurl.com/pqjysa9
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