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    Holly Hagan Geordie Shore shrinks her waist..UNREAL!


    by heatworld

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    Holly Hagan wants to shrink her waist and we mean really shrink it -- and in the process she's happy to alter the position of her rib cage and even possibly her internal organs.

    The Geordie Shore star has taken up corsetting, a practice that involves wearing a super-tight corset for 23 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    The big question is WHY?

    "Everybody loves Kim Kardashian's [waist], so I looked into it and corsets work perfectly as you can see," Holly tells heat.

    "You're meant to wear them 23/7. It's really uncomfortable. You breathe in and it's really constricted, but if it gets me a smaller waist in the end... Who doesn't want to look like a cola bottle?"


    Holly admits that her ribs could move, but insists she's not taking the practice of corsetting to an extreme level,

    "Yeah, it moves your ribs if you do it too often. But it isn't dangerous. I only want to lose a bit -- don't think it would touch the organs. I don't do it to the extreme," Holly says.

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