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    When Religions Create Divisions and What to do About It, by Stephen Knapp

    Stephen Knapp

    by Stephen Knapp

    This discusses how some of our biggest barriers between us are religions, how many of them say they are the only way to God and criticize all others, or even say they should be annihilated. Yet, many religions fail to bring followers up to see how we are all spiritually equal, all sons and daughters of God, and how God monitors our devotion to Him, not our criticism of others. Therefore, some religions do not fulfill what a religion is supposed to do. So we can see the best religion is one that brings people to love God, respect all of His parts and parcels, and recognize we are all creations of God, who obviously has a purpose for all of us or we would not be here. So how do we do that is the conclusion of this video.
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