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Classic Game Room - ALTERED BEAST review for Sega Master System


by ClassicGameRoom

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There is one thing back ports of consoles that are more powerful are rarely good.
At least the Megadrive was based on Arcade hardware so the Altered beast port was extremely close.
But I think this is a good port of a rubbish game but the Master Systems library isn't defined by these games it had much better games than this =D
By WWammy2 years ago
Really hope he reviews Phantasy Star I
By AGranchelli272 years ago
i had a master system but i used to play the mega drive version of this game i only recently realized has a master system version is ristar. i'm looking to put my hands on that game. seems there's a bunch of different levels and it's actually well made and looks good for a 8 bit console
By Graveuypo2 years ago
It's only worth getting cause it's ALTERED BEAST 4 BEAST's SAKE!!! (Pun intended) This is 1 of many games that can POWER UP!!!! MY MASTER SYSTEM!!!!! I have the genesis port on the SEGA GENESIS COLLECTION (PS2) & SONIC'S ULTIMATE GENESIS COLLECTION (X360).
By DeathFlameXL2 years ago
My parents hated me. I didn't get a Genesis until late 91. I got this version of Altered Beast when it was new. I played it a ton and got really good at it too. I figured out how to beat the game reliably, back in a time when that wasn't so common. I don't think it was too hard after learning how the game behaved, but then I put a lot of time into it because it is what I had. It seemed good at the time.
By Ravagingwolverine2 years ago
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