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    Horrorant Film Festival 'FRIGHT NIGHTS' trailer


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    Horrorant Film Festival 'FRIGHT NIGHTS' (13-19 March 2014, Athens, Greece) is the first horror film festival in Europe attended in two cities, and has the guarantee of a film distributor on this particular genre, FilmBoy Pictures.

    This ensures the inclusion of significant films within its program, the glamour of a film festival by the distributors (but mainly horror fans) and the presence of the country's major distributors and, hopefully, from other countries.

    The program will include new feature films and short films from USA, Europe, Asia and Australia, but we'll also take a peek at the old horror movies which marked the history of the genre.

    With pure love for the horror cinema and thanks to the experience from our engagement with film distribution, our aim is to showcase all the new movies circulating the markets, movies that will be discussed in the future and, hopefully, many of them to find their way into the Greek audience through FilmBoy Pictures or other distributors.

    The aim is to establish Horrorant Film Festival 'Fright Nights' as one of the best and most important horror festivals in Europe.