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    Hare terrorised at Irish coursing event

    A hare is terrorised by greyhounds at an Irish coursing event in Powerstown Park, Clonmel.

    In coursing, pairs of greyhounds are unleashed to chase each of the thousands of hares that are violently netted from the countryside for use as lures. The hares suffer the fear and stress of running for their lives and when hit, injuries include broken bones and other internal injuries. Every coursing season, hares are injured and killed on Ireland's coursing fields.

    This footage was filmed by Irish Council Against Blood Sports monitors before they were forcibly removed from the Powerstown Park venue by the President of the Irish Coursing Club. See the video at

    *** ACTION ALERT ***

    Join the campaign for a ban on Ireland's cruel coursing at

    Express your support for a ban on coursing. Sign a petition:

    Minister Coveney: Save Irish hares from cruel coursing

    Urgently contact An Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny and An Tanaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) Eamon Gilmore. Ask them to back a ban on hare coursing and give permanent protection to hares.

    An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny
    Telephone: 01-6194020

    An Tanaiste, Eamon Gilmore
    Tel: 01 6183566 (Dail)
    Tel: 01 408 2000 (Iveagh House)

    Contact Minister Deenihan now and urge him to stop issuing licences to the Irish Coursing Club.

    Jimmy Deenihan, TD
    Minister for Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht Affairs
    Tel: (01) 631 3804

    (If you have time, please compose your own personal letter. Otherwise, feel free to send the short sample letter below. Be assertive, but polite, in all correspondence. Thank you.)

    Dear Minister Deenihan,

    I am one of the majority who want hare coursing outlawed. I am writing to urge you to refuse further licences to the Irish Coursing Club.

    In coursing, hares suffer and die at all stages - during the capture, during the time they are kept in captivity and during the coursing meetings where they run for their lives in front of greyhounds. Among the injuries recorded are broken legs, damaged toes and dislocated hips.

    Yours sincerely,


    Appeal to the Minister for Agriculture

    Please appeal to the Minister for Agriculture to remove an exemption for coursing from the Animal Health and Welfare Act.

    Simon Coveney, TD
    Minister for Agriculture
    Tel: 01-607 2884 or LoCall 1890-200510.

    Contact all your local TDs now. Demand that they urgently push for a ban on hare coursing and all bloodsports. Tell them you are one of the majority who want coursing banned. Remind them that coursing is already illegal in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Urge them to respect the wishes of the majority of the electorate and back a ban.