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    Awesomehp Removal


    by Ebux88

    The engine is a browser hijacker that is usually bundled in free programs. It will install silently and will change your homepage after a restart to and your default search engine to This is considered as a browser hijacker, because it installs unwanted extensions to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer without user consent.

    How Did Virus Infected My Computer?
    The redirect virus can be installed from a variety of questionable websites. Any free software can be bundled with suspicious third-party freeware and shareware. An opportunity is usually given to accept or decline an offer to install the unwanted software and change the home page and search engine to the search engine; however, the decline of the offer is presented in a confusing way or ignored.

    Am I Infected with Virus?
    If your search engine is changed to and you are having difficulties setting any other home page -- then most probably you are infected with the Awesomehp virus.

    You can find the How to Remove virus (manual) removal guide here: