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    Separated Twins Find Each Other and Reunite Thanks to Social Media

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    Last year, Los Angeles based Samantha Futerman got a message on Facebook from a woman. The other female, Anais Bordier turned out to be her twin sister.

    It’s said that twins have a special bond. Two sisters separated at birth found each other years later thanks to the power of social media.

    Two wonderful women, strangers, living thousands of miles apart, never knew one another came across one another by absolute happenstance.

    Last year, Los Angeles based actress Samantha Futerman got a message on Facebook from a French fashion designer named Anais Bordier who lived in London.

    She had seen one of Futerman's YouTube videos and noticed the two looked scarily similar. Not able to let it go, Bordier contacted Futerman to point out the striking remembrance.

    From there, the two began conversing and together they did a little probing into their backgrounds. The woman learned they were both born in South Korea.

    Their conversations soon moved away from the keyboard into the world of Skype video calls. They decided to meet face to face in London.

    Their in-person meetings then continued in Los Angeles and Manhattan. As the bond grew stronger, so did their suspicious they were indeed twins who were separated at birth.

    A DNA test was performed to confirm what the ladies knew all along. They had been placed into different foster care agencies and adopted by separate families.

    Futerman is currently working on a documentary about their heartwarming tale and reunion.