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    Memphis Rolex bandits steal over $700K in watches in Wolfchase Galleria smash & grab

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    Memphis's Wolfchase Galleria was the scene of a smash and grab style robbery at a Rolex store that saw at least 700,000 thousand dollars in merchandise stolen.

    Witnesses say a group of five or six men stormed the mall at around 7:30pm on January 19th
    Witnesses say a group of five or six men stormed the mall at around 7:30pm on January 19th. They knew exactly what they were going for- only the cases with big ticket items were hit. As quickly as they came in, they were gone.

    The way they exited however, made cops believe as if they were professional enough to plan their getaway strategy. They made sure to split into 2 groups and parked their getaway vehicles near unobstructed doors that provided easy passage to main thoroughfares.

    The incident looks strikingly similar to a robbery in Atlanta a few months ago at a Rolex shop in Lenox Square. Police are investigating whether the two robberies are connected. Just like in that case, no one was hurt in the robbery in Memphis. Despite the amount of loot the robbers took, the case is being treated as a simple theft since the crooks didn't brandish weapons or interact with bystanders.


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