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    Student confronts teacher on sex abuse in YouTube video

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    A California woman has accused her former teacher of sexual abuse. The victim recorded her phone call in a video that she posted on YouTube, where she appears to confront her alleged abuser.

    The video was posted to YouTube last Friday has since gone viral with hundreds of thousands of hits already. The alleged abuser has already resigned from her administrative post at Alhambra High School and police have begun an investigation into the allegations of abuse.

    "I recently found out where a former teacher of mine has been working," the victim says in the video, "and before I was thinking of reporting her for the abuse that she had done to me, since I was 12 years old."

    The woman in her late 20s claims that she was abused sexually for years, starting when she was 12, by a then middle school teacher in Riverside. The woman in the video then calls her female abuser. During the call, she confronts the woman about the sexual abuse, saying her life and her childhood were ruined.

    The woman on the phone admits what she did was wrong, expresses regret and says she is ashamed and disgusted with herself. Well, at least that's what she claims on the phone call.

    The alleged female abuser resigned after being questioned by school officials over the video, but currently faces no charges. She has not been identified by the police or the Alhambra Unified School District. The woman in the YouTube video did give the name of her alleged abuser.


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