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    Teacher sacked for putting student who punched him in headlock

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    An Australian student who punched his teacher in the face during class said he's not sorry that the teacher was fired after putting him in a headlock.

    Jarrad O'Hanlon 18, a former student of Riverstone High School, on the outskirts of Sydney, told reporters that he felt no remorse over the incident in 2011, which ended the two-decade long teaching career of Stephen Krix.

    Despite the fact that he was defending himself, Krix was sacked for misconduct - making physical contact with a student - in violation of New South Wales' Department of Education and Communities guidelines.

    The decision to sack crix was upheld earlier this month by a NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

    The altercation occurred in science class after O'Hanlon refused to take off his headphones. He then told Krix to "F off" several times - before punching him in the head after the teacher stood next to the student and refused to move.

    O'Hanlon was suspended over the incident.

    A Facebook page "Fix Our Schools - Support Stephen Krix" was started last week and already has more than 3,200 'likes'.

    Supporters of Mr Crix have also started an online petition asking for him to be reinstated.

    Riverstone High School's motto is "Respect, Responsibility and Recognition"
    But following the commission's decision, hard-working Aussie parents are probably wondering "where has the respect gone?"

    Who do you think should have been canned? Teacher, or student?


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