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    Rich Chinese tourist flaunts wealth by shopping in wheelchair

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    We've all heard stories about crass behavior by China's nouveau riche, but this lady takes the cake.

    A Los Angeles tour guide surnamed Kin and other guides were leading a tour group from China recently. It turns out that the group was actually a nouveau riche woman from China and six of her assistants!

    The super rich Chinese woman liked to be called "the leader." The airport pickup service had to send five different cars to pick her up before it found one that she deemed acceptable.

    She only drank lime-flavored drinks from glass bottles. Lemon was not acceptable. If she needed one thing, like a bandage, she had her minions purchase different types and brands.

    Her assistants had to test the food at multiple restaurants each day before finding one that suited her tastes. The tour guide was once waiting for two hours straight.

    The Chinese tycoon even demanded that she be on a wheelchair while shopping so she didn't have to walk.

    According to Kin, the tour guides had no chance to speak with their guest during the two weeks she was there because she only gave orders through her assistants.


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