Top 10 sexiest female olympic athletes in Sochi 2014

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The 2014 Winter Olympics are upon us! And what better way to appreciate the beauty of sport than by ignoring competition completely and oggling some female Olympians? So, without further ado, here is TOMO's highly subjective top ten list of most objectifiable female Olympians of the Sochi games! Trademarked. Coming in at number 10, it's snowboarder Silje Norendal from Norway. Wowee! That is not a practical getup for snowboarding. Number 9 is Kiira Korpi, figure skater from Finland. Me oh my! She looks a little bit like number 10? Well, they're both Nordic, what can you do.

Next up, American Bobsledder, Lolo Jones at Number 8. I kind of miss Number 9 now. Moving along! Number 7, Spanish figure skater Sara Hurtado, bringing Latin spice to the ice! Speaking of spice, Number 6, Vanessa Mae, downhill skier from Thailand. Is she on this list just because she's Asian? Yes! Get over it! I said the list is subjective. What, you wanna fight?

On to Number 5, Ekaterina Galkina, the Russian curler! She's not barefoot in the kitchen with a baby, but I dig that broom. Very 1950's. Number 4, another Russian, ski-jumper Irina Avvakumova. I approve of wearing a helmet during the photo shoot. You can never be too safe! And for the hat trick, coming in at number 3, Russian cross country skier Maria Komissarova. Alright, I admit Russians are dominating the top spots on this list, but their whole Olympic team opted post in G strings! What would you do? Give me a break! You know what? Fine. Number 2, Brianne McLaughlin, American ice hockey goaltender. See, I made her number 2 and you really can't see crap in that getup. Are you happy now? Isn't equality fun?

Finally, number one. Russian speed skater Tatiana Borodulina. She's got that special "Olympic Champion" quality. Yes, she definitely wins. So, that's the list. You don't like it? Go make your own list! It's not easy ranking women by their appearance. I guess you could rank them by some other metric... like their performance in the Olympics, but who's going to watch that crap? The Winter Olympics' is for girls!


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